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STORYTELLING/PUPPETRY Class (4-6 year-olds)

Your child will enjoy listening to stories in the oral tradition, observe puppet presentations, create their own finger puppets, and participate in group puppetry presentations.  As a Waldorf teacher, I have witnessed the magic of storytelling – children and adults naturally calm themselves and listen attentively.

Children develop the capacity to develop their own picture images as they listen to nature stories and fairy tales.  This is an essential component of reading comprehension.  When the story is presented as a puppet play, they will delight in the simple movements of the puppets and hopefully incorporate this into their play.

The stories for this semester will focus on seasonal themes.  The children will have the opportunity to use natural fibers (wool felt and batting) as they make their own small puppets.  Sewing is an excellent hand/eye motor activity and each child will learn how to learn basic stitches (running stitch, whip stitch, and blanket stitch), as well gain the satisfaction of completing a project.  This class is a developmentally appropriate means of introducing language and practical skills into your child’s life.

Ages: 4-6yo.

Minimum: 5 kids

Teacher: Leigh Hart

Cost: $300 (includes all materials)

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