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STEM project-based learning for little ones

Are you looking for a project-based class that will incorporate literature, science, technology, and math into an environment that will stimulate critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration? If so, then this class is for you!  This class will incorporate 21-century skills into learning by doing.  This class will inspire kids to think creatively, provide opportunity to develop organization skills, express creatively, expand vocabulary, and practice communicating. The teacher will provide websites to help the parent work across the curriculum and integrate learning into multiple subject areas.  Additionally, parent letters will go home providing the home-educator an opportunity to make family connections to reinforce the STEM activities that are being presented in class. Project based activities in this class include: bats, buoyancy, boat design, exploring color, discovering pumpkins, healthy hearts, spiders, static electricity, and three-dimensional design.

Ages: This class is geared for students in grades 1-3.

Teacher: Stephanie Akin

Cost: Discounted price for the 3 hour block of $550

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