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“Stair Way” to Making Grammar Fun and Easy plus Greek & Latin Root Words

Take “The ‘STAIR WAY’ to My Secret Recipes for Making Grammar Fun and Easy.”

So you think grammar is boring?

Whenever new students slump into class with somber faces and eyes that beg to know why they’ve been sentenced to the excruciating torture of a grammar class, I giggle to myself.   I know we’re going to have a blast!  Their melancholy moods quickly dissipate once they realize they’re actually learning from precocious puns, silly secret codes, and jamming grammar songs about noun jobs, conjunctions, and more. Unforgettable original characters, interactive posters, 3-dimensional  props, and exciting games are used to provide fun avenues for relating words, clauses, phrases, and grammar rules.  Join us for class and gain a playful perspective about learning in an atmosphere where curiosity and innovative thinking are ignited! Whimsical posters, props, songs, and games reveal the building blocks of language and transform grammar from boring and bewildering to amusing and understandable! Students learn about the eight parts of speech, clauses and phrases, sentence purposes, the nine noun jobs, pronouns, types of verbs, and sentence structures. Students will improve their reading comprehension skills through their increased understanding of language structure.

Now the class is getting even more exciting by adding in Greek & Latin root words to help with spelling – lots of games and fun will be part of the mix!

Teacher: Terri Stair

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