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Introduction to Stage Combat

This course introduces students to movement techniques of theatrical hand to hand and cutlass combat which will be very useful when students participate in theater or film productions. They will learn how to create the illusion of violence while adhering to strict safety parameters. They will always work with a partner to create the illusions.

Students will learn the importance of safety not only for themselves but others around them. The students develop body awareness (physical and spatial) and self control, economy of motion (less is more), focus, timing, and the difference between Performer energy and Character energy.

They will also participate in discussions regarding the illusions created by choreographed violence on Film, TV and Stage.

And they will have a ton of fun learning to fake fight safely!

This course meets various standard criteria of California Physical Education Standards and California Visual and Performing Arts Standards.

Teacher: Kim Turney

Ages: 10+yo.

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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