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Spelling Class

Are you going crazy trying to learn spelling?  Are there just too many rules to make sense of it all?  Too many exceptions?  Terri Stair will be helping students to learn some useful Spelling tips and patterns and learn some things that will help people improve their spelling on every level.  This class is geared more towards beginning spellers, not very advanced yet.  If you’re not sure if your student fits in this class best, feel free to contact us and we can do a simple assessment.

This Fall we are also offering a Level 2 class for those who have been doing Spelling last semester with Terri or anyone more advanced in Spelling. This level will also include Greek and Latin root words to aid in more complex spelling words.

Students should be able to read pretty well to participate in this class.

Ages: 8+yo.

Teacher: Terri Stair

Cost: See pricing chart

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