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Public Speaking & Debate

Introduction to Public Speaking & Introduction to Debate

For Public Speaking:
No matter what you do in life there will be moments where you must speak in front of an audience. Prepare your child to feel comfortable presenting in a class that will use improvisation and theatre games to give students confidence speaking to a group. Students can expect to lay the foundations of a skill that will benefit them throughout their lives, and will have plenty of experience speaking in front of a group.

Then everyone gets a chance to deliver their speeches and receive positive input from fellow students and the instructor.

Once students have taken the Intro to Public Speaking class, they can progress to a more in-depth study of persuasive speeches and debating points.

For Debate class:

Learn to debate in this class that will explore how to speak in front of an audience, how to craft arguments for both pro and con sides of topics, how to recognize and avoid logical fallacies, and how to sway people to your reasoning. Students will debate a series of topics, learning to craft arguments and write following debate structure. Students can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how to argue, confidence presenting, and the ability to argue with a cool head and reason.

Ages: 2 age groups – 7-10yo. and 10+yo.

Teacher: Kate Ridgewell

Cost: See pricing chart

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