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Immersion Spanish Conversations

Delve into learning Spanish with immersion teaching techniques that encourages participation and oral practice.  The key to recall is strengthening those pathways of speech production.  The class is taught 90% in Spanish and only a brief introduction and conclusion in English. Each new theme will cycle through developmentally chosen activities that include multiple modes of expression: writing, drawing, acting,  singing, inventive game playing, poetry recitation and more!   Grammatical structures will be included each class.  This course is full of contextual clues that help students to develop a discerning ear and ascribe meaning building their vocabulary without the use of direct translation. This is how the immersion approach works and it is proven to be the fastest way to learn a second language.

Ages: 2 age groups for beginning Spanish Immersion – 5-10yo. & 9-14yo.  Please check with the teacher if you feel your child is ready for the Intermediate level because of previous experience.

Teacher:  Jose Estrada

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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