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Social Studies Through Literature

This is a project-based class that will engage students in the love of literature while exploring social studies through historically based literature. A short story or portion of a small novel will be read aloud to the student and the students will be guided through a project that ties into the theme or topics presented in the book.  There will be literary terms introduced with each book and vocabulary development throughout the semester.  Literary terms and vocabulary will be reviewed upon weekly.  This class will include little to no writing. Projects may include: games, mapping, making model boats as we learn about Christopher Columbus, creating musical instruments as we read about Native Americans and their traditions, and planting seeds as we read about plantation life and the Emancipation Proclamation.

Field trips and homework will be suggested but not required.

*Projects may vary.

Teacher: Brittany Akin

Ages: 6-9yo.

Cost: $245 or $600 if enrolled in all 3 classes, covering all core subject areas

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