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Social Studies, Science, Language & Math Through Stories Part 1 & 2 (5-7 yo.)

We’re set to delve into some awesome adventures, K/1 style! We’ll kick off the semester in January by reading snow stories, experimenting with artificial snow (what is real snow, anyway, and how does the fake stuff work?), and making a calendar to get us through the year. In February, to honor President’s Day, we’ll get to know George, Abraham, and Teddy through stories; learn ordinal numbers (what does it mean to say he was the 16th president?); measure ourselves and compare our height to Honest Abe; and make teddy bears in honor of the man they were named after. Because St. Patrick’s Day is in March, that month will be all about leprechauns and rainbows. We’ll learn about Ireland and its plethora of folk tales, make shiny shamrocks, experiment with liquids to make rainbows, and divide the gold once we retrieve it from its sneaky protector. April brings Easter, and there’s no better time than that for Beatrix Potter and her world of rabbits. We’ll read her stories, measure rabbit jumps, and act out the story of Peter Rabbit in our own little play. In honor of Mother’s Day, May brings us to the topic of famous mothers, when we’ll learn about moms such as Queen Elizabeth II and Marie Curie, and practice the accomplishments that made them famous (think royalty and chemistry). Finally, to round out the semester of excitement, we will delve into gardens and bugs for the month of June, which will include growing our own veggies, going on a bug expedition, and being introduced to The Bug Lady’s creepy, crawly friends (really, she exists!).

Each day will include language arts (stories and discussion), math, and science, as well as either art or drama. Social studies and geography will be thrown in from time to time, particularly when we discuss authors or themes from other countries. And EVERYTHING will be hands on! There will be things to touch, items to toss, and pictures to glue together. In addition, I will send home a theme-appropriate, leveled phonics book each month (ranging from CVC words to 2nd grade level text, depending on your child’s needs) so that you can bring the theme home and learn together. Many of our projects will incorporate In the Hands of a Child lap books, which will go home at the end of each month and give you a chance to let your child teach YOU about all of the things they learned. If you like unit studies, and if your child likes to learn through play, then this class is for you! 

Teacher: Rachael Ward

Pricing: See Pricing Chart – this is considered 2 classes – email me at learnbeyondthebook@gmail.com if you are only interested in one of the two

Non-refundable Materials fee: $40 for each part

Ages: Geared for 5-7 yo.

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