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Your Schooling Choices

The learning center with choices for 21st century families.

Our philosophy:

We are a progressive, choice-based, private institution that offers several options for education to fit the needs of all different kinds of students.  We practice the Socratic way of teaching, teaching for mastery, with an emphasis on critical thinking and deep understanding of the concepts studied. We employ projects, games, and other innovative and play-based methods in our classes to make learning relevant and facts come alive.

We work on educating the whole child, not just academic.  One of our main goals is to ensure that our students will graduate as self-aware adults, filled with empathy and understanding for everyone in their world.  We strive to foster self-motivation and self-directed learning to have graduates who will change the world by pursuing what makes them unique.  We guide them to discover their best contribution to the planet.

These are the different levels of involvement:

  • Homeschool & Hybrid school options – various degrees of a student’s work is done at home with parents and parents are ultimately responsible for the student’s educational progress. Families could be part of a homeschool charter school or file their own private school affidavit (PSA) and use Learn Beyond The Book as a resource for enrichment and some core classes.  Students can also choose to be part of our PSP, Learn Beyond The Book Academy and we will take care of the student’s paperwork and work with parents to set educational goals.
  • Full-time school – Students still have a ton of choice, but there will be certain mandatory classes which will be set up after discussions with the student and family and some placement tests.  Students will have a set time to either meet with a tutor one-on-one for Math and English tutoring at least 3 times a week or be in a small group situation.  These subjects are so crucial and require frequent and often individualized attention because everyone learns in a different way and on a different time schedule.  The other times will be filled with classes chosen by students and their parents. Tutoring will still be done in the same fun way as classes, including games and skill-building exercises.  Other subjects will be done in small groups to allow ample time for making friends unless it is determined that a more individualized approach might be needed in another subject as well.  Mandatory classes for full-time students will include the one-on-one or small-group Math and English tutoring, Social Studies, Science, Second language of choice, Life skills, Communication & Conflict Resolution, Art, Music, and PE.  Even within these required courses, students are able to customize which classes they take to fulfill the requirements. Enrichment courses will fill up the rest of their days and students will be able to pick classes from a wide range of classes in the following departments: Theater, Art, Film, Music (learning an instrument or voice lessons), Robotics, Programming, Video Game Design, Shakespeare, Cooking Workshops, Geography, Sewing/Handwork, Psychology, Community College courses in high school, and receive college & career counseling in high school.  They will also have designated times to work on their own projects in a field that interests them.  They will still interact with all students from all the different programs that we offer, but students in this program will be enrolled in Learn Beyond The Book Academy Private School and will not be able to be part of a public charter school.  Students are on campus 9:30am-4:00pm every day or otherwise determined.


  • Homeschool & Hybrid school option: paid per class or per tutoring hour – Tuition costs listed here
  • Full-time school – $12,000 per year, including all classes and one-on-one or small-group coaching for Math and English.