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Santa Clarita Homeschooling Options

The topic of homeschooling is as wide as the amount of homeschoolers in the world. Each family does it a little differently. What works for one child, doesn’t work for all, what works for one family, doesn’t work for all. It can be said that homeschooling could be more accurately titled as individualized education plans for each child.

There are families who strictly do school at home. They use the same books the local public school uses, they follow the same hours and they report to a local public school teacher.

On the other end of the spectrum you have the unschooling homeschoolers. They don’t report to anyone in specific, maybe file a form or two for the government, and keep their own records, but their philosophy entails “Life is Learning”.

In between these two philosophies, one can find all the other homeschoolers, including those who homeschool through a charter school, a private independent study program or those who attend classes at learning centers plus completing some work at home, and those who go on a lengthy fieldtrip touring the US or Europe.

You also find families who have some children in the local public school, but are homeschooling the other children in the family for various reasons.

You get the idea, a really broad landscape!

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