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Reading Comprehension & Literature

Welcome to Reading Comprehension and Literature Unit Studies!

We will read the first book in several age-appropriate literature series (see list below). Each unit will be comprised of class discussions, activities and fun projects to promote independent, critical thinking and comprehension of the content. Incorporating social studies and other disciplines will provide a balanced, well-rounded literature class for your child to enjoy.  If there is a movie that goes with the book, it will be shown during the last weeks of the unit, while they are finishing up their projects.

Weeks 1-5: The Phantom Tollbooth (256 pages) ($6.39 on Amazon)

Weeks 6-10: Coraline (162 pages)

Coraline ($6.99 amazon):

Weeks 11-16: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (80 pages) ($6.95 on Amazon)


Ages: 8-11yo.

Teacher: Autumn Galli

Cost: See pricing chart

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