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Reading Comprehension & Literature

Reading, phonics, and comprehension have to be taught at the appropriate level to be effective. We find it is best for students to be taught at their developmental level rather than grade level, so below is how our levels progress to be ability-based:

Reading Comprehension & Literature Level 1 :  This class would be for pre-readers and focus on letters, sounds, phonics, basic sight words, and blending.

Reading Comprehension & Literature Level 2 :  This class would be for students who have a knowledge of letters, sounds and basic blending.  The focus would be on improving skills, expanding the recognition of sight words, and expanding vocabulary.

Reading Comprehension & Literature Level 3 :  For intermediate readers, this class would begin reading longer stories and include more written responses to the reading.

Reading Comprehension & Literature Level 4 : For advanced readers, this class would be for students who have an advanced reading skill and would focus more on appreciation of literature.

Teacher: Andrea Coane, Autumn Harding & Terri Stair

Ages: Ability-based

Cost: See pricing chart

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