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Reading Comprehension & Literature

Reading Comprehension & Literature, Level 1
This class is geared toward pre-K and Kindergarten students.  We will learn all letters and letter sounds and how to combine those sounds into simple words.  There is a strong focus on phonics with sound by sound word segmentation and dictation and blending practice.  After letter sounds are learned, we move on to reading simple CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words and learning how to read and spell sight words.  Later on in the semester we progress to learning consonant blends and long vowel spellings with silent e, while continuing to practice and achieve fluent reading of appropriate decodable books.  Multiple modalities are used so that all students can access the concepts.  We use games and hands on activities in each class to reinforce learning. 
Reading Comprehension & Literature, Level 2This class is appropriate for a child at a first grade (and beginning 2nd grade) reading level, as we move beyond basic CVC spelling constructions (consonant vowel consonant) to consonant blends, digraphs, diphthongs and all long vowel constructions to support fluent reading as well as correct spelling.  We will continue to practice decodable stories to achieve fluent reading, while reading grade appropriate literature to improve comprehension skills.  Hands on games and activities are a part of each class so that children have multiple pathways to access important phonics and reading concepts.
Reading Comprehension & Literature, Level 3This class supports a systematic approach to spelling by analyzing multi-syllabic words from selected grade appropriate literature.  It is appropriate for those children ready for 3rd to 4th grade material.  More advanced readers are encouraged to attend also as there will be an individualized approach to support a variety of learning levels.  Words are broken down by syllable and then by sound for targeted fluency and spelling support.  Quality, engaging literature is read and discussed through vibrant class interaction for a deeper level of comprehension.  Graphic organizers are used to further analyze story structures so that students may begin to appreciate the hallmarks of good writing while improving their own spelling and syntax.  

Teacher: Andrea Coane, Terri Stair, and Autumn Harding for different levels

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