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RC/Drone Intensive Workshop

Want to build something that soars beautifully through the air? Ever wondered if you could build your own drone? This class will be a principally hands-on experience, where students will learn how to build an RC aircraft – be it a quad-copter drone, an airplane, or something of their own design! Students will learn a mix of concepts, as well as develop practical skill.

This class in particular will be far more in depth with each concept and skill, rather than “touching upon” each concept and skill in the 1.5 hour Wednesday class. All topics covered in the Wednesday class will be deeply covered in this class. In this class, we hope to build an aerial vehicle far more from “the ground up”, rather than building a predetermined design .

Some key skills/concepts students will leave with:

– Electronics, Soldering, Wiring Techniques, Basic Programming in C.

– Aerodynamics, Lift/Drag/Thrust/Weight, Propeller Thrust Calculation.

– Designing systems for passive safety, & active safety, and developing safety procedures.

– Test Development & Execution, the Scientific Method in Engineering.

– Metalworking, Plastic-working, Wood-working, & competence in using power tools

– CAD (Computer Aided Design) via Autodesk Inventor


Ages: 12+yo.

Teacher: Jonny Hyman

Cost: $$560 for the 3 hour class

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