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Python Programming Projects

This class is for students who have a good grounding in Python Programming and will focus on Intermediate and Advanced Python Programming Projects under the teacher’s guidance, but students will have a lot of freedom directing their projects and designing and programming it.
Previous student projects include: a drone flight simulator, a Star Trek adventure game, a Mario-playing AI, a homework-solving bot, a weather simulation, a personal assistant, a 2D video game, and more!
Since this is a highly project-based class, expect students to have a low to moderate amount of project-focused homework each week!

Students should bring their laptops to class each week. Chromebooks give us headaches, so please bring a Windows or Mac computer.

Since the teacher is also involved in multiple outside projects, he wanted to clarify that he might have to occasionally reschedule a class or do a class via tele-conferencing, but of course would minimize this as much as possible.

Ages: 13+yo.

Prerequisite: Beginning Python class or teacher permission

Teacher: Jonny Hyman

Cost: $575

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