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Python Programming

What’s one thing in common between websites, video games, the James Webb Space Telescope, the Perseverance Mars rover, and the latest Star Wars movie? You guessed it: Python! Python is the most simultaneously fun and powerful language to program with in 2022. Its ease of use and power under the hood makes it popular in everything from the latest scientific discoveries to… well… Introduction to programming classes, like this one!
Come join us in learning the language of modern computing! This will be a new format of class – with ‘lectures’ taught through a high quality video every week, with weekly communal office hours on Zoom. Our priority is for this to be a super fun and engaging course, but it will also challenge you! Come ready to do (max) 1 hour of fun homework per week, making projects that you’ll be proud to show your friends, and parents! Learning any new language is tough work, but in this class it will be a fun thing to look forward to every week.

For the Intermediate Level students will have time to work on projects and ask questions during the office hours to get help with their projects and learn together as a class.

Teacher: Jonny Hyman

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