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Public Speaking for High Schoolers

Fear of public speaking is one of the most common obstacles people face, affecting almost 75% of us! Because communication is a vital part of life, and this skill becomes increasingly important in high school as students prepare for college, the workforce, and life, this is a great class for high schoolers to take! This course will focus on becoming more comfortable speaking to groups, organizing thoughts in a clear and compelling way, creating interest in a topic, researching information to incorporate into a speech, and more. The course can be taken in conjunction with the recommended college-level speech course for community college credit (one that fulfills the transfer requirement for the CSU system and works as an elective for transfer for UCs and CSUs), or it can be taken as a high school elective. This class will focus on skills that will prepare students to become better at expressing themselves verbally and even in writing, effectively arguing points, and should be fun as well!

Teacher: Lizzie Scott

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