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Public Speaking & Presentations

Think of public speaking and make it much more fun with some games and a non-intimidating environment.  If you would like your student to get a great, confident start in public presentations and speaking, this will be the class for them.
We will do several age-appropriate topics.  Each week students will have turns to share their short presentations and get better and more confident every week.  Students will get to operate a digital projector and integrate it with Powerpoint type presentations.  They will receive peer and teacher reviews about what to work on.   Students will learn proper breathing and strategies to combat nerves and use it to their advantage.  There will even be a few improv games to help kids learn how to think on their feet.  There will be some homework for this class to prepare speeches and presentations at home to be delivered in class.

Introductory Public Speaking is for students who haven’t taken the class before.

Public Speaking & Presentations Level 2 will be for continuing students from the past semester’s class as well as students continuing from Debate.

Teacher: Nick Bremner

Cost: Please see the pricing chart

Ages: 9+yo. for level 1 and 12+yo. for the level 2 (or completion of level 1) in SCV and 9-13yo. in Sherman Oaks

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