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Psychology 001

This course is linked with an online Psychology 001 class at Los Angeles Mission College and can be taken as a standalone high school elective or as a supplemental tutoring class for the semester-long college course. The course is high school-friendly and covers biological foundations of behavior, various theoretical perspectives including learning, sensation and perception, psychological disorders, health and stress, personality, and intelligence theories as well as experimental and research methodology. There will be engaging lessons, discussions, and activities that help flesh out the material while making it enjoyable and accessible. The great benefit of this class is that students will have extra support in learning the material that’s geared toward high schoolers, interaction with other high schoolers they likely already know, and a teacher who can teach to a smaller group but still has the education and experience to teach a psychology course at the college level.

 This course is great for those who would like the opportunity to earn college credit in a UC/CSU-transferable course that can satisfy both the A-G high school requirements for graduation and the IGETC college requirements for transfer in a convenient and low-pressure environment for high schoolers. If you’re interested in taking the college course that’s linked with this class, it’s important that you register early so the class doesn’t fill; email us if you have any questions about this process. If you’re interested in simply taking the class for high school credit or personal enrichment (it’s a great topic that applies to all of us!), there’s less time pressure on enrollment.

 Benefits of this course:

  • This class offers the chance to participate in a college course with extra support.
  • It provides a forum for high schoolers to discuss important aspects of psychology and be sure they understand them.
  • Students will learn a lot about themselves and others!

Ages: 13+yo.

Teacher: Lizzie Scott:

Lizzie Scott has a B.A. in Psychology, an M.S. in Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Psychology. She’s also taught high school students for many years and is known for teaching courses that get students excited about the topics they’re studying. She loves this topic and looks forward to sharing this enthusiasm with the students.

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