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Projects, Presentations, and Portfolios

This is essentially students designing their own class, because they will have a lot of freedom.  It is the ultimate key to training auto-didactic habits and creating the life you want. Using the scaffold of the International Baccalaureate Design Technology Cycle, students will learn how to identify what they want to do, set an achievable goal, break it into steps, and sequence those steps. They will then execute those steps, achieve their goal and then evaluate their progress. Traditionally the process takes 9 weeks, but students can do more than one, in-depth project, if they prefer. Work alone or in a team, this is an opportunity to explore how you can work on a solution to a problem in as great a scope as you want, even internationally! With expert facilitation from a Harvard graduate and an expectation of self motivation and accountability, students will deliver results. Dream big and make it happen!  Then present your final project to fellow classmates and possibly also to parents at the end of the semester!  Add great things to your portfolio and get some projects done while having accountability and an expert facilitator.

Teacher: Elizabeth Johnson

Cost: Please see pricing chart

Materials fee: Students will provide their own materials

Ages: 12+ yo.

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