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The Math modules will focus on a specific mathematical skill which will be taught in the class.  Students will have some homework which will be discussed the next week in class to make sure that students are understanding the material. Games will also be employed during class time to enforce certain skills specific to the level of Math that is being taught.  Lots of real-world word problems will also be incorporated into the class to ensure mastery and use in the real world.

Pre-Algebra will specifically cover a review of decimals, % and fractions, as well as integers, and then we will progress to order or operations, solving for the unknown, working with exponents, rate/ratio, probability, graphing co-ordinates, and linear equations.

Placement test – if they have a hard time with more than 3 of the problems, Pre-Algebra would be the correct level for them.  By the end of the year, after the class, they will be able to complete this test.  If they can do it all, they are ready for Algebra 1.

Teacher: Kirk Watanabe

Ages: Ability-based

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