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How does our government work?  What is the Senate and the House of Representatives?  How do they work together and what is the president’s role in all this?  How does local government and state government work?  Come answer these and so many more questions in this semester-long class.  Students will study all this in an interactive class situation with a lot of discussions, projects, activities, games, presentations, and more.   This class will go beyond just introducing government to discuss cross-cultural variation in political organization, the implications of globalization on different groups, and the differences globally in such things as law and order.  We will, for instance, learn about the Code of Hammurabi right alongside trials by ordeal, ridicule and gossip, and the death penalty.  We will discuss nation-states and their impact on pastoral and hunger-gatherer people, as well as the environment and learn the basics of democracies, republics, and more!

We will be working with charter schools to make this class count for high school credit and we also plan to have it link to an online community college class at LA Mission College where students can receive high school and transferrable college credit at the same time, but students can take the class just for high school credit and not enroll at the college as well.

Teacher: Asia Zanders

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