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Pilot Program – collaboration LA Mission College & Learn Beyond the Book

Read all the details below about a brand new amazing pilot program and partnership with Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) that will be happening in conjunction with Learn Beyond The Book, starting Spring 2017.
With the new program students (9th grade and up) will take an online course with a face-to-face component and receive the following benefits:
– ability to earn community college credit at LAMC;
– ability to earn 1 year of high school credit at the same time;
– the opportunity to study with their friends in a location they’re already familiar with in a Lab with the Mission college professor (and homeschool parent), Jessica Schulman, PhD, MPH, MA, RD, no need to go on campus at the college.  This lab is optional and is designed to help students get started doing college courses and help them through the course;
– the opportunity to have priority registration in a college class!!  That means your child will definitely get into the class and won’t have to crash a class or be adding late!
– reduction in trips to Mission College for enrollment, because you will just be dropping the concurrent enrollment form off at Learn Beyond The Book instead.

We hope to expand the program in the future, but for Spring, we are starting out with a great Health & Nutrition class, which fulfills the requirements for Health for high school and the PE/Health requirements for an Associates Degree and IGETC college requirements.

How it will work:

 2. Students enroll in the Lab portion of the class if they would like to be part of it at this link
2. Students will then bring in their concurrent enrollment form as well as a student card 
to Learn Beyond The Book during the week of January 9th-15.  We will email you these forms as soon as you let us know you’re interested by registering for the lab or replying to this email.  Students who don’t want to participate in the lab portion can still register for the completely online class in the same way as everyone else, but just won’t have the face-to-face contact.
 3. A Meet & Greet & Orientation will be happening on Jan.30 at Learn Beyond The Book at 4:15-5:45pm for how to use the online system, Canvas, and an orientation about the class in general.
4. Professor Schulman will work with the students for the next 4 weeks, Feb.6, 13, 20, and 27 at the same time, helping them get on track with the course online and going over the assignments and how they should go about completing them.
5. Starting in March the lab will shift to meetings that will be scheduled Fridays 4:15-5:45pm, involving field trips and screenings & discussions of documentaries, which students would normally have to watch by themselves and do assignments.

So, in short, students can earn high school & college credit by attending a lab and completing work for their online course while having access to the professor and studying in a place where they don’t need to be in a class with adults, but with their peers.  I’ve been wishing for a program like this for years for my older kids and I’m so excited that we can now offer it!

We are so happy about this, but we need your help to spread the word, because the college wants to make sure this is something worth doing in the future, so we need a minimum of 30 students, so please tell anyone you think might be interested. Our goal is to bring more college course offerings to home/hybrid schoolers but we can’t do it without your support.

Ages: Grade 9 and up


Teacher: Jessica Schulman

Cost: $290 for the lab portion

To register, click here