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High School Physical Science with Lab

This physical science course addresses overarching ideas of two branches of science,

chemistry and physics, in accordance to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) which

emphasize critical thinking and engineering practices.  Upon completing the class, students will

have foundational scientific knowledge of various topics from matter to energy that encourages

application of science to real-life contexts. Instruction in this class includes hands-on activities,

experiments, inquiry labs, texts, videos, and teacher guidance.

In the first semester (unit 1-6), students will focus on understanding matter through

characteristics of their subatomic particles, periodic trends and chemical reactions. Students will

obtain the knowledge necessary to perform simple lab techniques such as measuring, filtering

and diluting and practice communicating their thoughts using the scientific methods including

hypothesis, observation, analysis, research and conclusion. Students will incorporate graphs

and tables to represent their quantitative and qualitative data and use these evidences to

support their claims.

In the second semester (unit 7-10), students will be exposed to scientific theories and laws that

can predict, manipulate and explain macroscopic interactions. Students will understand

Newton’s laws that govern motion, energy transfers on earth through waves, electricity and

magnetism and their work on the system. Students will learn about theories behind various

technologies such as cell phone and computers and provide suggestions on how to make them

better based on the knowledge gained throughout this class.

This course designed to encourage students’ curiosity and motivate them to be innovative, and

critical thinkers ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

Prerequisites: Algebra 1 (Recommended)

Corequisites: Algebra 1 (Required)

Ages: 13+yo.

Teacher: Brooke Coulter

Cost: See  pricing chart (Class is a year-long course, although billed 1 semester at a time)

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