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Phonics with Ms.Debbie – Level 1

This class is geared toward students in kindergarten.  Advanced pre-K students are welcome, as are first-graders who may need a bit of review.

This class begins with letter sounds and will have student reading simple three-letter words within the first two weeks.

Instruction is with a whiteboard, virtual and physical flashcards, props, animated Google Slides, Kahoot!, and some practice worksheets along with having students read and practice in class. We will use both choral reading and individual reading. Both types of reading have their pros and cons which is why I use both. 

Registering for this class gives students free, unlimited access to hundreds of books, phonics, spelling, and vocabulary activities on a personalized, password-protected website.  Parents can also have their own login to the website to interact with their child and Ms. Debbie should they choose to take advantage of it.

Teacher: Debbie Woolsey

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