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Phonics & Reading Level 1

This class is geared towards pre-K and kindergarten students who have
learned their alphabet and most letter/sound correspondences. The class
provides a framework for families who would like guidance from an
experienced teacher with teaching their young children to advance to the
next stage of reading development. As the class is held once a week, each
class will be dedicated to learning and reviewing several letters and their
corresponding sounds and formations with follow-up practice to be
completed during the week. We will consistently review all letter-sound
correspondences with simple slides (a consonant followed by a vowel
sound), and then progress to CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words and
Throughout the class, we will continue to practice and achieve fluent
reading of appropriate decodable books. Students will learn to appreciate
classic children’s literature as we read and discuss stories together.
Multiple modalities are accessed using games, songs, and movement so
that all students can achieve success.
I have over 15 years of experience teaching reading publicly and privately
and have taught my own children to read at an advanced level. With
consistent participation in the class and follow-up practice of concepts
learned, I can help your child become a confident reader!

During the Spring semester, we will build upon our knowledge of all of the letters of the alphabet by studying blends and digraphs, common long vowel constructions, and the like.  The continued use of dictation exercises and decodable practice will aid students’ language growth as they practice newly learned phonetic skills each week.  With games, activities, poems, and songs, students are sure to continue on their path to becoming successful readers!

Teacher: Andrea Coane

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