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Phonics & Reading Comprehension, Level 3/4

This class takes the approach that spelling and word analysis are inextricably intertwined with reading fluency and comprehension.  A child’s specific word knowledge—including a knowledge of phonology, semantics, and syntax—works to boost fluent reading and rapid comprehension.  As such, students will engage in “focused contrasts” of words using the hands-on sorting and matching activities provided in the Words Their Way phonics program.  This means that students will be studying and categorizing words by spelling features and reflecting on what they notice, ultimately leading them to discover the logic behind the phonological system of the English language as they become confident readers.  
Students entering the Level 3/4 class must have mastered beginning alphabetic principles of letter/sound correspondence for all letters as well as consonant blends and digraphs, and common long vowel constructions.  They should be ready to begin analysis of multisyllabic words, as well as accented and unaccented syllables and affixes through word sorting, blending, and word analysis activities during class time.  During the latter part of each class, we will read and discuss engaging literature and apply newly acquired phonetic and semantic concepts to the material we read for a deeper level of comprehension.  Games and activities will be incorporated for a fun and edifying experience!

Teacher:  Andrea Coane

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