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Percussion Around The World

This low pressure class is a great introduction to the world of music through percussion. The children will gain knowledge in basic music theory, sight reading and experience playing in a group. Students will get up and get moving while learning to play basic rhythms. We will also explore the history behind music and the origins of the instruments.As we explore world cultures we will learn about how music has shaped civilizations and what part music has played in our own country throughout time.

Class participants will be introduced to a few key members of the percussion family, including snare drum, orchestra bells, and hand percussion instruments.Students will also have an opportunity to make their own instruments out of household items!

We will learn about the instrument families and listen to music from various time periods and styles; analyzing key differences and imitating the styles we hear.

NOTE: Students are encouraged to practice at home as they will be receiving a pair of drum sticks to bring home as well as weekly print outs of the weekly topic and musical activities.

Teacher: Nancy Sell

Cost: See Pricing chart

Non-refundable Materials fee: $30

Ages:  8+yo.

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