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Pants Sewing Class

Pants Sewing Class for Students With Some Experience

Ages:               12 years+ (exceptions made for students who have taken previous sewing classes)

Grades:           5th and up

Homework:      Weekly (see below***)


Sewing Machine Not Required, But Preferred.  Machines will be available for students to rent for one week at a time for $25 per week.


Sewing involves so much more than sitting at the machines and stitching.  There is a lot of prep work and organization and math involved.  In order for students to get the most out of this Pants Sewing Class we will work on the same projects together.



  • Jeans
  • Knit Jogger Pants
  • Pajama Pants (Knit or Woven)
  • Overalls

Review of Operations

  • Threading the Machine
  • Winding a Bobbin
  • Changing a Needle

Fine Motor Skills Refined

  • Square Maze Stitching Exercise
  • ¼”, ½”, ⅝” Seam Allowance
  • Circle Maze Stitching Exercise (homework)

Math Review

  • Fractions into decimals (memory work for homework)
  • Measuring Fabric(s), Lining, and Interfacing to your Calculations
  • Body Measurements Chart

Reading Comprehension & Organization Skills

  • Reading Pattern Cards
  • Finding Yardage for your Size
  • Reading Marker for Cutting
  • Bundling your Cut Pieces
  • Reading Sewing Instructions


  • Selecting Suitable Fabrics for your Jacket
  • Burn Test
  • Preparing your Fabric – What does that mean?

Equipment Introduction

  • Hammering Hardware onto Denim
  • Coverstitch Sewing Machine for Knits


  • Every student will work at a sewing machine simultaneously


***Homework includes math worksheets, memory work, notebook organization, cutting you fabrics, sewing as homework beginning in week 4.


Students must bring to class every week: writing instruments, erasers (optional), color pencils and/or markers, a sketchbook to your students liking, fabric shears, sewing machine and Operations Manual.

Teacher: Carla Moran

Cost: See pricing chart and materials will have to be purchased for sewing as well.

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