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Ooey, gooey Science

This is an interactive, hands on, creative science class. Students will engage in science study through thematic project based science fun and research. Units will include chemistry, earth science, life science, and astronomy. As units are researched media will be incorporated, information will be recalled and reviewed each week, students will be prompted to ask and answer questions, diagrams and drawings will be made and models and replicas will be built. Projects may include: making slime and homemade play dough as we explore chemistry concepts, making fossils and volcano replicas as we journey through earth science, constructing edible cell models as we learn about life science, and a replica solar system will be made by the class as we delve into astronomy.

Field trips and homework will be suggested but not required.

*Projects may vary.

Teacher: Brittany Akin

Ages: 6-10yo.

Cost: $245 or $600 if all 3 classes are taken, covering all core subject areas

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