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On Camera Commercial Audition & Acting Techniques

This fast-paced fun filled class will encompass all aspects of working in front of the camera. We will cover many different styles and genres including: Sit Com, Episodic television; both drama and comedy, and film

Students will learn how to:

  • audition for on-camera projects (At the end of the semester copies of all the work students do on-camera in class will be made available to them electronically)
  • analyze a character and break down a scene
  • all aspects of the entertainment industry including the roles of all the people who work behind the scenes.
  • write, direct and produce their own scenes
  • work with and perform monologues
  • get recorded on their audition/acting & review it with the class to ensure improving
  • work on some of your favorite dialects and accents

This class is for anyone interested in learning what it takes to be an actor working in the entertainment industry, in addition this class will provide a wonderful opportunity for students to explore other professions available in television and film.

Children and adults welcome

Taught by BJ Lange 

Cost: Please see the pricing chart

Ages: 10+yo.

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