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Nature Journaling

Nature Journaling is the regular recording of observations, perceptions, and feelings about the natural world around you. Learn how to not judge your drawings (you aren’t an artist yet!), and use the scientific process to record what you see in this moment in time.

We will spend a few minutes talking about the season, the weather, as well as the animals and plant life before going outside or sitting near a window to practice. Students will be shown various examples of what a Nature Journal can look like and use these examples to create their own.

The first session will be on how to begin a nature journal. Each session will include one or more projects, ideas and crafts to go along with and put into your journal. Each meeting will be independent from those before, so if you miss one, that is still fine.


Ages: 9+yo.

Teacher: Gracie Tauch

Cost: Please see pricing chart 

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