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Mindfulness & Community Project-based Interdisciplinary Unit Study

Come tour our wonderful planet with us!
Take some time to learn about our earth; and the maps, globes, and compasses that can help
guide us through it. We’ll create our own passports and virtually find some really amazing
places/cultures across different continents to explore (all while enjoying some delicious
snacks/recipes from different regions as we explore them)!

A beautiful class to cultivate more cultural awareness and connection to the beautiful ways of
living that make us so different, and yet so similar.

The first 1/2 of the class every week will consist of a read-aloud session (teacher will read) and
visual presentation: followed by a group discussion.
The second 1/2 of the class each week will be geared more towards arts and science projects/crafts
that tie together the lesson and help us connect to the culture/community of where we visit in a more
hands-on way.
Though there may be some occasional overlap, this curriculum is ever-evolving (as are we).
There is always so much to explore, and so many ways to explore it.
We look forward to traveling with you (friends old&new)!

Teacher: Gabriela Viramontes

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