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Music Exploration

Inspiring and educating students through (the joy of) music

The teacher will lead students through an exploration of songs from the Progressive Rock genre, from the 1970’s to today. The music is a vehicle for interactive, entertaining education, which truly engages all types of participants! Students experience a positive, powerful energy that stimulates the senses, intellectually and emotionally elevates, and broadens their ideas of their own potential in this world!
The music, of the Progressive Rock genre, is highly technical, similar to classical, or jazz-fusion, and has been called “Art Rock”. Additionally, the lyrics cover a wide variety of topics and expand vocabulary. Students will concentrate on songs with positive, uplifting lyrics. Personal taste in music is irrelevant, as the power and melodies engage the students; moreover, the teacher presents the songs with personal stories and such enthusiasm that everyone gets hooked!
Language and Vocabulary
Listening skills
Improved mood, outlook, coping skills etc.
Social interacting skills
Math skills

Ages: 13+yo.

Teacher: Diana Atlas

Cost: See pricing chart

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