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Multiplication & Division – Concepts

Each week we will learn a new incremental step in mastering the concepts of multiplication and division, including real-life world problems as we go.  We will also learn some math facts. We will play some games every week, e.g. when we’re learning multiplication facts, we might play Multiplication war, Multiplication Bingo, Math Dice, playing with a huge inflatable math cube and many more. Games I have from Rightstart Math as well as Flashcard games will be used to practice specific facts until we know them all and can play games that involve all of the facts like the above. If you already know some facts, you’re welcome too. We split the class up and different groups play different games. The emphasis will be on the fact that we all need to learn something and there will be no competition on who gets done with it first, we will all move at our own rate. When playing games, it will be co-operative and not pin students who know more against those who don’t yet. Facts will be taught in fact families so that relationships between numbers are evident. Come have some fact fun with us! A part of the class will also be devoted to playing other general Math, Strategy, and other educational games. To get the most out of this class, students will practice facts at home with cards made in class.

Teacher: Elmarie Hyman

Pricing: See Pricing Chart

Ages: Ability-based (probably around 8+yo.).  Students need to have mastered the concepts of addition and subtraction before attempting this class.

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