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Model UN

Model United Nations is well-known for its emphasis on leadership, public speaking, debate,
consensus-building, community service, and global awareness for students. Model UN
participation is also a highly regarded and valuable asset for college preparation and
admission. This dynamic Model UN experience involves creative explorations and simulations
of current and historical global issues. Students are immersed in and debate major world issues,
taking on the role of UN delegates, leaders and historical figures, learning to write position
papers and speeches, as well as public speaking, negotiation, conflict resolution, problem
solving, and presentation skills. Students also learn elements of parliamentary procedure,
geography, and the history and functioning of the United Nations, developing a deeper
understanding of our world, its history, its peoples, and the ways governments can work
together to solve problems and promote peace and understanding among nations.
Past in-class and joint summit topics have included:
• Animal Farm by George Orwell, A Literary Crisis Committee
• The Manhattan Project Historical Crisis Committee 1939
• Stalin’s Politburo Historical Crisis Committee 1943
• Conflict in Korea Historical Crisis Committee 1945
• Nuremberg Trials International Tribunal 1945-46
• Historical Security Council: Rwandan Genocide 1994
• International Criminal Court: Trial of Muammar Gaddafi for Crimes Against Humanity
• The Cabinet of Oceania: A Literary Crisis Committee on George Orwell’s 1984

Students should please bring laptops ideally, or tablets or other means of accessing information
online, in addition to a binder for handouts, pen and paper.

Ages: 13+yo.

Teacher: Heidi Joyce

Cost: $550

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