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Mixed Media Art – Lancaster

artginger1 artginger2Mixed Media Art Class incorporating History/Social Studies or Science

Covers a multitude of learning information and hands on learning techniques.


Examples of projects:

Self-Portrait Cartoon Wheel:  Student will learn about observation, line, shape, color, placement,

Artist-Rembrandt  and emotions, pencil and marker control, + more , while applying  to a wheel, using markers.

Textured Owl Project:  Student will learn about  owls and how to draw them, using different drawing techniques,  observation, texture, and then apply to owl drawing using pen, markers, and tissue paper, glue.

Water-Color Design:  Student will learn about color: primary, secondary, Intermediate,

Directional drawing,/painting plus more and apply to a Fall maple leaves project, using watercolor pencils .

Sample days: 

Day 1:  Intro, learning to see,  pencil exercises, and techniques,  alphatoons, wordtoons,  drawing eyes, nose,mouth.

Day 2:  Observation puzzle/game,  warm up w/pencil, hand out wheels, practice eyes, nose, mouth.

Work on project.

Day 3:  Warm up w/pencil exercises and observation puzzles. Continue to work on Wheels.

Day 4:  Warm up.  Color Theory, Intro. Into drawing and learning about maple leaves, hand out paper,

Discuss/show watercolor pencils, and brush techniques.

For the second section of 8 weeks, students will be doing 3-d Sculpture and mosaic.  They will even create some pieces centered around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

 All materials are included.

Ages: 9+yo.

Teacher: Ginger DiVita

Cost: See our pricing chart – materials fee is already included

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