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Mixed Media Art – Lancaster

In this 16  week class students will be concentrating on elements/principles of art such as line, shape, color and balance. Students begin with learning  to observe, and see things that they haven’t seen before. They will also learn drawing, shading, texture, painting, and basic beginning clay techniques..

Materials will consist of graphite, colored pencils, markers, tissue paper, string glue, clay and acrylic paint etc.  The first 8 week projects will consist of cartoon wheel, string painting,and a fresco stucco. During the last 8 weeks projects will be mysterious cat eyes, a hand made tile mosaic, and a colorful 3-D sculpture using airdry clay, model magic, and wire.

Minimum of 6 students.

Ages: 11+yo.

Teacher: Ginger Divita

Cost: $285 (includes all materials)

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