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Minecraft Science Modules – Spring semester

Plants Study: NO BOOK REQUIRED. In this module we will take a closer look at the trees and flowers of minecraft. We will be learning about tree and flower cycles, parts and uses. We will also explore “why we care” in the greater scheme of things (what are trees good for? what are flowers good for?). Culminating Project – students will pick their favorite plant that is in minecraft and create a garden/botanical garden/sanctuary/museum/etc that features their plant.
Circuitry: BOOK REQUIRED. Learn about the basics of circuitry by using redstone! Culminating project – create a working or repeating circuit in game to share with the class. All participants will be required to explain their project in a meaningful way.
Link to Book (on amazon): http://www.amazon.com/Minecraft-Redstone-Handbook-Official-Mojang/dp/054568515X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1431796504&sr=1-1&keywords=minecraft+redstone
Mineralogy, Petrology & Resources: NO BOOK REQUIRED. In this module, we will explore the world of minecraft and discover all the resources available! Resources such as wood, minerals, ores and rocks will be researched and discussed. Culminating project – Review about types of rocks and important minerals. Then, Scavenger hunt!
Castles: NO BOOK REQUIRED. In the last module we will explore Castles! What was the main purpose of a castle? What went into building castles? We will talk about the parts of a castle, layout and the building materials of a castle. Culminating Project – each student will be choosing a part of a castle to recreate in Minecraft!
Ages: 10+yo.
Teacher: Gracie Tauch
Cost: See pricing chart
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