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Minecraft: Legends of History

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk amongst the towering trees of Sherwood Forest? Or to stand beside the rock that holds a gleaming sword set in place for a young King Arthur?


In this action-packed MineCrafting history class, students will peel back the layers of these lofty legends in an effort to determine if there is an actual true historical basis behind them.

Once they have acquainted themselves with the time, place, and people historians believe gave birth to these legends, students will have the opportunity to create their own version of these legends on their own unique single-player version of MineCraft.

In addition to the historical/geographical background surrounding these Legends of History, students will also be introduced to basic literary aspects as we:


– Explore the basic blueprints of a story
– Discover how time, place, and setting can work together to create a world where we can lose ourselves
– Examine the elements of a legend
– And so much more!

Students will need to bring to class a laptop with Minecraft installed on it, or a tablet with the mobile (pocket) edition of Minecraft installed.

Ages: 5+yo.

Teacher: Kris Doyle

Cost: See pricing chart

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