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Minecraft Club

We are really excited about our new Learn Beyond the Book Minecraft Club! Minecraft is a very unique video game where players are able to engage in game play and also build and craft unique creations. Please read the information with children interested in enrolling.

Learn Beyond the Book’s Minecraft Club will have its own private Minecraft server. The server will be operated by Will Doyle with general supervision by Kris Doyle. Will Doyle has been a long-time Minecraft player and has owned and operated both larger, public Minecraft servers with high volume, and smaller private servers with specialized settings.

Our goal with the Minecraft Club is to offer enrolled students the opportunity to engage in safe and fun Minecraft play with their Learn Beyond The Book friends on a private, protected server.  The server will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although there will be times when the server is actively monitored, it is important to understand that there will not be a person on the server monitoring interaction and building at all times. And although there will be various plug-ins in place to monitor/protect the server, it might be difficult or impossible to trace incidents that happen on the server.

Anyone signing up for this club will be asked to sign an agreement to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by Learn Beyond the Book. These rules and regulations will be presented to the members and their parents and must be agreed upon before the student will be allowed use of the server. Detailed rules and regulations will cover areas of respect for other students and their creations, and will include rules specific to griefing, language (swearing), as well as other areas of concern specific to co-op play on an active server. The rules will be posted on the Learn Beyond The Book website and sent to all parents to review before the club server opens to students. Although we will initially try to cover as much ground as possible, please understand that we might need to revise these rules and regulations and/or add to them in the future.

At present time the club is slated to be solely an online club. As this is our first online Minecraft Club, we will initially work on setting up the worlds on our servers and allowing members to explore the opportunities unique to each world. Once we have been able to do so, we look forward to organizing fun and unique events on the server. At this time we are planning to have a Creative World, Survival World (no plans for player versus player), and a Games World. We are also considering adding a possible Coliseum Area where students can gather in teams to defeat monsters.

Cost: $50/semester (charter schools will most likely not pay for it since it is not an instructional class)

Sign up for the club here