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Mindfulness & Community Preschool Practice Play- Interdisciplinary Unit Study

This Unit-study follows and begins to break down the 6 branches of yoga in a fun and hands-on way through nature, movement, and community.Through it we will explore the world around us:
earth, nature, the elements, cultures, community, creativity, creation (and so much more) through use of our senses, thoughts, actions, and the wide-array of resources we have available to us through various forums of media.
This loosely structured class is an easy way to welcome friends into the “academic” world in a fun way that will encourage autonomy and development of self in relation to others in our little community.
We will work together. We will work apart. We will encourage autonomy and encourage the heart.
This class will offer many hand-on activities and may thus require some working materials (mostly recycled) + assistance whentaken online. I will send out a list of materials needed, and further direction on google classroom week by week!
This curriculum is ever-evolving( as are we), but always ties together knowledge from different areas: art, history, social studies, literacy, science, etc.

We look forward to connecting/reconnecting with you!

Teacher: Gabriela Viramontes

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