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Meet the Masters Art

In Meet The Masters, we will look at the Masters from the Renaissance to the Cubists in oils, pastels, and Pop! In your portfolio, you will feel as if your selfies were created by Leonardo, Monet and Warhol! Meet and paint like the experts at painting in perfect ratio, light, and mood! Find out what makes great art great! Why one painting is a masterpiece and another… well, not so much! The elements of art in the hands of a master… this class is perfect if you want to build your artistic talent on the shoulders of the giants of art! If you have a favorite not on our list of Masters, the term is long enough for your suggestion! Creativity is only limited by creativity… and well, nothing really real! Make our class surreal!!! Join this adventure with an open mind and the world as your canvas.

Ages: 9+yo.

Teacher: Nooneh Kradjian

Cost: See pricing chart  

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