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Math Through Stories, Level 2

This class is geared towards students who already have a firm grasp of addition and subtraction through 10.  Math Through Stories, Level 2, will focus on strengthening numeracy skills through ten and twenty and applying that knowledge to addition and subtraction of numbers that are multiples of ten. We will continue our use of stories to connect with math concepts with a focus on creating our own story problems around numerical equations.  In this way, children become comfortable with the idea that math is meant to solve real world problems.

Required materials for distance learning:  *A large set of Cuisenaire rods—the 155-piece plastic set is a worthwhile investment as we will be working with larger numbers.  (Please refrain from purchasing the connecting rods for this class.) Also, please have a 1” binder for keeping math journal papers together.

Are you battling math workbook fatigue?  Do you feel like there must be more to introducing math to young children than just counting endless series of objects?  In Math Through Stories, we will be laying a deep foundational understanding of numbers, moving from concrete to abstract.  During class we will read well crafted, engaging stories to expand vocabulary, develop comprehension skills, and promote oral expression.  These same stories then become the vehicle to develop a deep understanding of mathematical expression and notation through the use of Cuisenaire rods.
What are Cuisenaire rods?  They are a set of rods that are in 10 color-coded lengths from 1 cm to 10 cm and work wonderfully to show children the relational qualities of numbers by way of their unique design.  With each story, children will be invited to use the rods to recreate certain aspects of the plot or characters and then study the math involved.  Through the use of journaling, students will observe their mathematical discoveries and be encouraged to look more critically at their recordings to make predictions and develop mathematical language to express their findings.  This allows each child to work at his or her own level, whether they are just beginning to grasp numbers, or are well on their way in working with basic operations.  Every observation will be encouraged as each child develops the ability to justify their observations and continue on their journey to increased confidence in math.
Teacher: Andrea Coane
Cost: See pricing chart
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