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Math (Integers, Word Problems, Measurements and Geometry)

This class assumes a mastery of multiplication and division and is best if it follows a the study of Decimals, % and Fractions.  It can be taken concurrently with the Decimals, % and Fractions class.  This will complete the classes that will prepare students for Pre-Algebra in the Fall semester.  We will cover concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers (positive and negative numbers), apply all of this through word problems (including calculations with decimals, %, and fractions), learn about measurements in the metric system as well as the American system of measurement.  We will also learn about basic Geometry such as perimeter, area, angles, triangles, shapes, and more.

Teacher: Elmarie Hyman

Cost: Please see pricing chart

Ages: ability-based (usually around 10-11yo.)

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