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Math & Logic Games Summer Camp

Let your kids enjoy three hours of game-playing fun while honing their math and logic skills at the same time!  Enroll them in this Math and Logic Games camp and they will be challenged to think critically and practice their math skills through the course of friendly group games.  Those who already love math will get to enjoy what they do best, and those who are a bit math-reluctant will practice their skills and gain confidence so they are more prepared for resuming math study in the fall.  We’ll be playing a variety of games, both individually and as a group.  Our games will incorporate logic, critical thinking skills, and other mathematic thought processes.  Most games will be cooperative in nature, and designed to allow each student to work at their own level of challenge while encouraging classmates to work to their best level.  Some of our activities will include:

* Logic-Based Games Geared To Each Student’s Level
* A Friendly Game-Show-Type Game At The End
* Small Prizes, Big Fun
This camp is for late elementary, middle, and even high school students who love a good game, whether they’re math fans or not–all levels of interest are welcome!
(Note From The Teacher, Lizzie Scott: This camp will provide a taste of my Math and Logic Through Games class being offered in the fall–click here for a more thorough description of the class, and a bit about who I am.)
Cost: $25
Materials: $2.50