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Math Group Tutoring

Come learn all about what place value entails and addition/subtraction for the younger kids and then as they get older and can do more, we will explore all kinds of multiplication/division, fractions & decimals, figure out how percentages are used in real life, and find the relevance of Math in our everyday lives.

Students will progress at their own levels and in their own time and can either bring in their own curriculum or we can provide them with materials to advance from where they’re at to where they can go!

Every class will also include some Math & Logic games to make Math more enjoyable and practice some essential Math skills in a more exciting way than flipping through flashcards.

Ages:¬†ability – based, if you’re not sure where to place your child, please feel free to contact us for assistance

Teachers: Nooneh Kradjian & Doug Pfendler

Cost: See pricing chart

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