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Math for Little Ones with Art and Tricks

2 Levels:
Ages 5-7: Learn the fun of math, from skip counting to making magical math drawings inspired by the Waldorf approach. Learn fun math tricks and practice your addition and subtraction while building the foundations for multiplication and division in fun and easy ways. Best for children who have a grasp of counting and adding up, but don’t know yet how to do subtraction and multiple step addition fluently. 

Ages: 7-10: Learn the fun of math, from making beautiful patterns to learning some weird concepts that ancient mathematicians figured out. You’ll learn all kinds of math magic, from math squares, to equations that always end up in the same way, and find the fun and magical in math. Some Waldorf Math art will be used in the class although the class is not all Waldorf at all, but rather a fun mix of all things beautiful and funny about math.

Teacher: Marie Johnson

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