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Come learn all about what place value entails and addition/subtraction for the younger kids and then as they get older and can do more, we will explore all kinds of multiplication/division, fractions & decimals, figure out how percentages are used in real life, and find the relevance of Math in our everyday lives.  Students move forward based on their own abilities.  If they advanced quickly, they can move on to a different concept or take their time, if they need more time.  Everyone is working at their own ability-level.

Students will explore big math ideas of pop cultural memes and technology to create their identities as mathematicians by coming up with their conjectures regarding mathematical principles. Have you ever imagined having a theorem named after you? Give it a go! Explore and Discover! Have you thought much about the math behind the Apple logo? Did someone say circle? What do you know about circles? Learn to discover to learn more than you imagined. Your new favorite number just may end up being 360 or 28 or 24 or 3.14159 or 10 or radical 2 or 6! and that’s a FACTorial!

Ages: Different skill levels at different times on the schedule.   Here is the levels available and each level assumes mastery of all the previous levels:

Level 1: Numbers, Place Value, Beginning Addition & Subtraction

Level 2: Addition & Subtraction, Intro to Multiplication and Division

Level 3: Multiplication & Division

Level 4: Decimals, % and Fractions, Integers

Level 5: Pre-Algebra taught by Kirk Watanabe

Teachers: Doug Pfendler

Cost: See pricing chart

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